This Week’s Article – English

Fool’s Gold

A man loved to take his daughter on hiking trips. They loved to explore the things in nature, the beautiful forests, the wonderful array of wild flowers, watching the animals play and chase each other through the trees. Sleeping under the stars was a favorite too, the night lit up with the bright lights in the heavens. They loved to explore different areas of the countryside.

On one of their explorations they came across an old abandoned mine, what an awesome find, maybe they would find some gold inside!!! They went inside and were amazed at how large the mine seemed to be. It even had one of those old carts that ran on the tracks taking out the rocks and debris, how cool!!! They promised each other to stay close to each other so as not to get lost and because it was so dark. The mine was apparently quite old and it may not be quite as sturdy as it looked from the outside.

They continued down the mine amazed at how the dirt and gravel was excavated without heavy machines, it sure must have taken a lot of people a lot of time and a lot of work to do all this excavating. All of a sudden a bright glimmer caught the girl’s eye. Wow! Could that be gold?? She veered away from her dad for a moment to take a better look at what she had seen. There was a pile of gravel and this bright rock was in the middle, she just had to see if it really was a rock of gold!! She climbed the gravel pile just as her dad realized she wasn’t next to him and he called her name. The girl was startled because she was so intent in reaching the bright rock that her foot slipped and she realized that the pile of rocks and gravel was actually over a tunnel and it started moving and shifting and the girl started slowly falling down into the tunnel. The gravel became like quick sand. She called to her dad but the more she struggled to get out the further she slipped. Her dad found her and now she was up to her chest in the gravel. She kept moving and squirming trying to get a good foothold to pull herself out but the more she squirmed the deeper she would go. Her dad told her to stop moving so he could get to her but she was so frightened she kept struggling and the deeper she would go. Finally the dad said; “Stop, be still!” Something in his voice quieted her and she calmed down and stopped her struggling. Her dad was able to reach down to where she was and slowly pull her back up and out of the pit.

It is wonderful and a safe feeling to be walking alongside our Father God admiring all the beauty around us, all His hands have made. We walk in His joy and peace. His strength and His love is so comforting. Then there comes the distraction, something so enticing, it doesn’t look dangerous, so we veer away from the Father only to fall into a pit of despair, of sin of worldly pleasures. We know we should cry out to God for help but we think, I can do it’ I’ll make it out on my own strength. The more we struggle the deeper we sink. Are you really willing to risk your life for fool’s gold? Off in the distance we hear God saying: “Let me help, grab my hand, reach up.” But we can do it ourselves, or so we think. Finally we hear this strong, loving command; “Peace!! Be Still!!! We stop our struggling, our out of control behavior, we stop and God pulls us out of the muck and mire of sin and places our feet on solid rock, cleans us off and provides us with clean clothes, a a clean heart and a strong mind. He replaces our sadness with joy and wraps us with His love.

Whatever pit you find yourself in, stop struggling, stop trying to make it out on your own. Can you hear God in the distance? He is calling out to you, do you hear Him? He is saying’ “Peace! Be Still!!

Mark 4:35-41 Psalm 46:10 John 14:27