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    by Susan

    October 30, 2017

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Do You Still Have Time?

Recently I received a letter from someone who hasnít made the decision to allow Jesus to be Lord of his life. He was still trying to decide when would be the right time. I started thinking about how many others think; ďI still have enough time, maybe tomorrow.Ē I realize that just because you read daily, weekly, monthly devotionals and even if you read the Bible daily, that is still not your salvation. You can receive encouragement but Jesus is the only way for your salvation and to secure your place in eternity. You need a living, personal, daily walk with Jesus for your true salvation, your true peace and your true joy.

For all of the people who believe there will always be tomorrow and you can wait to choose Christ, this e-mail I received is especially for you. Stop and really read this, think about this then make that choice. Remember if you havenít made a choice to serve Christ, then yes, you have made a choice. The Word says we are not promised tomorrow, there is no time like NOW.

For those of you who have made that choice, Praise God!! Earnestly pray for all those who are around you who havenít made their choice. Also, look inside yourself to see if there is anything that is standing in the way of you having the fullness of the Lord, all of His blessings in your life. Any bitterness, jealously, anger toward anyone? Donít let anything or anyone stand in the way of your full relationship with the Lord.

ďIíve still got timeĒ

My name is Debbie, and this is my life. I will get saved when ďIíve got time.Ē I was born, Jan 1, 1975 . As I grew up, the Lord kept His hands on me. He healed me of polio, now I walk just like you. ďThank you, Jesus!Ē He showed me right from wrong. I think Iíll get saved when I turn 30. ďIíve still got time.Ē

I got on drugs but Jesus brought me through. ďThank you Jesus!Ē

I got pregnant, and cried out to the Lord. He gave me a husband. I said to myself, ďWhen I turn 30, Iíll get saved, Iíve still got time.Ē

Iíve been shot in the back. The doctor said I wouldnít walk again. I cried out to Jesus for two years. Now I run and jump. I know I should get saved now, but no, Iíll still wait until Iím 30. Iíve still got time.

I have no food in my house and my children are hungry. I asked the Lord to make a way. Right then my doorbell rings. The FedEx man is ringing my bell, he has a letter for me. I open the letter, it is a check for $100.00. ďThank you Jesus.Ē Again, I promise when I turn 30, Iíll get saved, Iíve still got some time.

I read my Bible. I know of the Lord. He and I go a long way back, but I still have time.

Itís Saturday night, Iím going out. Iím going to have myself some fun. I put the kids to bed. As Iím coming back, I see my sister running towards me. She tells me one of my children was playing with matches and was burned. Again, I cried out to the Lord. ďLord, Lord, please hear my prayer. Help me Lord, heal my child.Ē And, again, He did. I did not lose my children to the state. Iím really going to get saved when I turn 30.

My cancer went into remission, the Lord healed my body. Praise the Lord! I do still have time, Iím almost 30. Tonight is my last night to live my unsaved life. Guess what? My birthday falls on Saturday, therefore Sunday, I will be at church, praising the Lord for all He has done and I will get saved. HoweverÖÖfor now, itís still Saturday. I am having so much fun at my party in the backyard. Someone threw me in the pool, I feel a timer go off in my head. Something is happening to me!!! Whatís wrong!!!? I donít know what is happening!!! I see light, there are people all around me. I cry out to the Lord. I said, ďLord what time is it?Ē ďItís 11:55 .Ē ďBut I donít know your voice. Who are you?Ē ďMy name is Lucifer. I donít love, I donít like, I just want your soul. Every time I came for you, the Lord said: ďNO!Ē Someone was always praying for you so I planted a seed to make you think you had plenty of time. You see, Iím smart. Iím dirty, and Iím the best liar!

Debbie died December 31, 2005 , five minutes before she turned 30 years old.

Now tell me, DO YOU STILL HAVE TIME????

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