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    by Susan

    October 2, 2017

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Chaos and Confusion

I really enjoy watching baseball, the game and our team, the Tampa Bay Rays. I like the excitement of being at the game. The sights and sounds are great. There are the sounds of cowbells and hands drumming and feet stomping, especially when the team is about ready to strike out their opponent. With all that noise, concentration is almost non-existent. I found out that the noise has a two-fold purpose. One; to encourage our team, to let them know we are behind them and two; to cause confusion to our opponents so they can't concentrate and miss hitting the ball.

The same thing happens in football. The noise gets so loud the players can't hear the quarterback's signals and the players may miss the play, going in a different direction than they were supposed to. Confusion!!

Do you know that same kind of confusion goes on in Hell when the Saints of God start praying?? A song sung by Carmen tells what the chaos is like in Hell. Satan is all upset and confused, he can see the chaos all around him but, he can't figure out what is happening. He sees his demon servants coming in bruised and bleeding, many seem to have lost their power and are useless. There are sounds he doesn't understand almost like the rumbling of a major earthquake. Satan is furious and frustrated. He grabs one of his little demons and demands to know what is going on! The demon petrified and cowering yells out; "It's those sanctified, purified, saved by Jesus Christ, Saints, the Children of God on their knees in prayer!!!!

All that prayer hurts the demons; confuses them as to what their orders are and therefore messes up their leader's (Satan's) plans. So, Saints of God, let's raise our voice in praise! Let's get on our knees in prayer! Let's proclaim the Word of God and kick those demons back to Hell! Proclaim healing over your body! Proclaim restoration over your marriages! Proclaim prosperity over your finances! Proclaim that Jesus is Lord! Let's go Children of God, let us strike fear in the demons; let them hear your praise and your prayers!!!!

Psalm 34:1-4 James 5:13-16 Matthew 21:22

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