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    by Susan

    September 4, 2017

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Let's Make A Deal

Does anyone remember the game show, "Let's Make a Deal"? Back in the 70's people would dress up and bring wild and weird things to trade. The ones chosen seemed to be the ones dressed the weirdest. There would be covered boxes or covered trays brought out into the audience. You were asked to give up your "stuff" to get whatever was under the cover or in the box. Once you chose something, then you were told you could keep it or you could trade it for what was behind door number #1. Now you could end up with a wonderful prize or you could end up with a donkey eating hay. You didn't always know what you were giving up in hopes of getting something better. One of the games they played was to ask contestants for off the wall items they may have in their purse or pockets. They would pay them money for each item they had. You could have a sure $500 but, "how would you like to trade it for what is behind door number 3?"

You know in our lives we try to dress ourselves up for the world and at times the weirder the better. We even come to church with our masks on. Some of us are afraid to let anyone see who we really are. So we smile, open our Bibles, sing our songs and play pretend, hoping no one will actually guess who we are or try to reach out for us. Then what about our "stuff"? What did we bring to church? What if I were to ask you to empty out your purse or pockets, what would I find? What about your car or your home? What is hidden in your hearts? Do you have habits or addictions that you are holding onto? Are the chains of envy, greed, hatred, fear, bitterness, jealousy or pride gripping your heart and choking out your life?

Well, let me introduce you to Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God. He loves to make deals, only with His deals you never leave with a "donkey eating hay". He will take all your "stuff" and replace it with love, peace, joy, eternal life, happiness and crowns of glory. When you turn in your crown for "what is behind door #1, you have joy and peace, no more sorrows, no more pain and no more sickness. You will have your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life, a home in Heaven, be singing with the Heavenly Host, enjoying the company of God our Father and His Son, our Savior, Jesus. Now, what better deal is that????!!!! So how about it? Let's Make a Deal!!!!!

James 1:12 1 Peter 5:4 Revelation 21:27 Revelation 21:4 Isaiah 25:8 Isaiah 51:11


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