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    by Susan

   May 1, 2017

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You Are Unique

A few years back I bought a color pad and crayons for Little Anthony because we were going to have him for the weekend. He loved to color. I’ll tell you what; they have all kinds of colors now. If you are as old as I am, you will remember in your younger days that we had eight colors; red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, brown and purple. Honey, I bought a box of 120 colors! I didn’t even know there were that many different colors. They have odd stuff; fuzzy wuzzy brown, tumbleweed, granny smith apple, purple mountain majesty, zazzberry jam, inch worm and mango tango just to name a few. Now some I can figure out kinda what color they may be, but others like; bittersweet, burnt sienna, sepia, raw sienna, cerulean, outer space and cerise. What in the world color is “outer space”? Then there are mixed up colors; yellow orange, blue green, yellow green, violet red, green yellow, red violet and red orange. Then how about the wild colors; neon carrot, radical red, shocking pink, wild watermelon, screamin green, hot tangerine, atomic tangerine, mauvelous and vivid violet. All these and the original colors as well. We have food; salmon, asparagus, plum, peach, melon, apricot, banana mania, cotton candy and eggplant.

We have animals; canary, pig pink, manatee, robins egg blue and beaver. We have flowers; periwinkle, wisteria, carnation pink, cornflower, dandelion and razzle dazzle rose. So many to choose from!

Well, I kinda thought so many varying colors, some a little different, some a lot but each one unique in its own way.

We are like this wacky box of crayons. We each are unique in our own way. God made each one special with our own talents. Some people are wild and vivacious. Some people are serene and quiet. Some people have a mixture of backgrounds. I mean my girls have Scotch, Irish, Spanish and Italian in them, talk about a mixture. We come from varying backgrounds, do various jobs, lead different lives. Some of us worship quietly and conservatively and like the old hymns, others sing and dance in the aisles, shout amen!, Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! But we all coexist on this same earth. We try to walk together for the common unity and plan of God. We try to live together just as all those crayons are in the same box. The only difference between you and the next person is your uniqueness. Celebrate who you are in Christ Jesus!

Ephesians 4:3-6

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