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    by Susan

   June 26, 2017

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Locked Doors

“When the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jewish leaders, Jesus came and stood among them and said, "Peace be with you!”

They, the disciples were together, hiding, they were afraid they would be found and killed. Their doors were locked, I feel they probably had someone standing guard, windows shuttered tight, just hoping they wouldn’t be found out. Their Hope, their Leader had just died, what were they going to do now? Even though Mary Magdalene had told the disciples she had seen the Lord, I’m certain there was a great deal of doubt. Why in the world would Jesus show Himself to a woman and not one of the disciples??? They certainly didn’t have the boldness, the power that they needed to overcome their fear. The Word says they were behind locked doors in fear. Can you imagine, they were probably trying to figure out a strategic plan to get out of the city alive? They were probably thinking they had given up everything to follow Jesus and now He was dead. They were in hiding, a price was on their heads and they were fearful, lost, sad and hopeless. Then, Who appears? Jesus….even though the doors were locked and guarded, Jesus shows up.

Can you imagine? Chaos!!!!! I’m sure they were probably petrified with fear, what was this, who was this?? Was it a ghost? How did he get in?? The doors were locked; we even had a look out to make sure we weren’t found. Oh my, how did He get in??!

“Peace be with you”! Can you imagine the feelings in that room? “Peace be with you”! He had made the storms cease by saying; “Peace, be still”, so can you imagine the sweet sense of joy and peace that immediately filled that room?

And so, it is with us. We put our masks on to go outside so no one will know who we really are. We go about our daily lives thinking all our faults and vices are hidden , we have them securely locked behind closed doors. We hide them because we live in fear if they were to be found out what would our friends, our family, the church think of us? So instead of dealing with the problems in our lives, we hide them away thinking we are safe and no one will find out.

Then, Jesus appears wanting to clean us up, set things right. He wants to erase our fear, restore our health, our marriages, our jobs, our children and our finances. He wants to lead us out of the darkness we have locked ourselves in and bring us into His light. He wants to restore our joy and peace and bring us His power and strength.

Why not unlock your door and invite Him in? Let Jesus lead you to freedom and victory!!

John 20:19 Mark 4:39 Psalm 46:10 John 14:27


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