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    by Susan

   November 6, 2017

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Tide Sticks

How many of you have children who have to be perfect in their dress before going out? My daughter Joyell was like that growing up, but not until after she started in Middle School. When she was younger, the dirtier she could get the happier she was, then she turned a teenager, what in the world hit her? She couldn’t get even a smudge on her clothes or she had to change them, she must have changed clothes 4-5 times a day. We didn’t have “tide sticks” back then.

I can remember when we had gone out to eat together at an Italian restaurant little Anthony was eating spaghetti, need I say more?? How the sauce ended up splattered on her I’m not real sure, I think it had something to do with slurping. Out came the “tide stick”, Joyell was dotting that pen everywhere on her blouse.

We were traveling to Ohio and as we were eating breakfast in the car, a big plop of jelly landed on the middle of my shirt. Mike just cracked up, good thing he wasn’t drinking at the time, he would probably have spewed soda everywhere from his laughter. Now I don’t have a tide stick so my jelly stain will be visible the rest of the journey. I did try to get it off but I didn’t have the right tools.

We try to use our “tide sticks” in our lives. We have sins in our lives and much of the time we try to cover them over, dot them out of our lives but we still have to go through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ to be clean. Ever have a stain on your carpet? We use that carpet cleaner that tells us; just spray, wait a minute, dab the area and whalaa, the stain magically disappears. A couple of weeks later, the stain starts to faintly reappear. We just masked over the stain, just like with the tide stick. We still need to wash the shirt to have it truly cleaned.

When the people went to throw the stones at the woman committing adultery, all Jesus had to do was to tell them, the one without sin, cast the first stone and then he drew in the sand and waited. I wonder if he was writing the different sins. Little by little the stones were dropped on the ground and the accusers walked off. Who are we with our little tide sticks to run around pointing out the sins of others when we need a cleansing ourselves. Tide sticks won’t do it! What can wash away our sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus !

John 8:3-11 Romans 10:8-11 Revelation 1:5


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