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    by Susan

   September 17, 2018

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Memorial Stones

At church one Sunday, Pastor said something quite interesting. He was speaking on how Joshua became the leader of the children of Israel after Moses died. I knew that but he also was talking about how the Red Sea parted for Joshua too and the children of Israel walked across on dry land. What????? The Red Sea parted twice???? Two stone memorials? Let me see that! I had to go back and read again. I knew I had read it before, but I must have skipped over the part about the Red Sea parting and the second memorial. You know sometimes you read things and either forget or you just didn’t see the whole story.

I did remember about the “stone memorial” placed to remind the children of Israel of what God had done. What is so cool is that it was to stand as a reminder for the generations to follow of what God had done. You know when your children ask; “what is that”? “What does that mean?”

I thought about us and our past. We all have one and for most of us, not so pretty. I think is would be a great idea to have a marker to remind us of where we had been, what God brought us up out of, how He put our feet on solid, dry ground. Sadly many stay in the past and wallow in self-pity or listen to the lies of Satan; that you can never be forgiven for what you have done. The markers remind us not to stay in our past but to walk on victorious, learn from our mistakes but to also remind us of where God brought us from and how He brought us out of our lives of disaster and sin.

The marker could serve as a testimony for others.

A patient of mine told me that her husband had died one year ago. When I said I was sorry, she said; “No one can understand unless they had been in the same place.” When I said; “I do understand. I’ve been there”, many questions ensued. I was able to help her a bit with what I did to aid in my healing, how God brought me out. I went back to my “memorial stones”.

When people have come out of a life of sin or sadness and despair, financial crisis, death or illness, their “stones” remind them of how bad they felt in their time of need or crisis but more importantly of what God did for them and how He had changed and blessed their lives as they were able to walk on in victory in Christ Jesus.

Every one of us has some sort of testimony. If you are a child of God, you do have memorial stones, some people may have many memorials.

Don’t dwell in the past or allow your past to bring you down but do share your heart, your testimony and your victories with others so they can see; if God did it for you, He certainly will and can do it for them.

Joshua 4


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