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Thought of the Week

    by Susan

   November 26, 2018

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We were watching the highlights of the Lightening hockey game and our team was right at the goal trying to hit that puck into the net. The puck kept hitting the goal post or the goalie’s skate or another player’s skate, they kept at it and kept at it, finally it went through and they scored! The commentator said it was like “a bulldog with a porkchop”! I thought that was such a cool thing to say and I ended up using it at my work.

We were trying to find this area for surgery but it was very hard to position. We started in one room, thought we had it but it was a bit short of the mark. Then we went to another room and could see it but it couldn’t be localized safely. So, we went back to another room and positioned it another way and finally got it. I told the lady what I had heard and I felt like I was being that bulldog with it’s pork chop. I wasn’t going to give up until I got it.

We need to be the same way in our Christian walk. No matter how many times we may fall down, we gotta get back up and keep on going. Some days it may be tough, some days we may wonder if it is worth it, but the only true freedom you can have is when you have Jesus Christ in your like, guiding and directing you. He is the only One to bring you perfect peace, everlasting joy and an unconditional love.

So no matter how tough it is, how many steps backward you may go, you get up, you press on toward that oal, you determine to be just like that bulldog with his pork chop till you reach the end of your journey here on this earth, until you reach the goal. You can do it!!!

Philippians 3:7-14 2 Chronicles 15:7 Jeremiah 29:11 Galatians 6:9

Joshua 1:9

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