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    by Susan

   November 19, 2018

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Well Done

Why do we run through life like we have a marathon to run? Why do we feel we have to be first in everything, to have the best, regardless of cost, to be one up on the next door neighbor? Why do we feel we have to work, work, work all those extra hours, and for what? We say we work so hard for our families.

When young people die early, sometimes it makes me think back about my life, what will be said about my time here on earth? I can think back to a time when for six years I worked 80 hours a week. My reasoning?..to pay off bills quicker, for the girls to have nice “stuff”. I look back, the bills never got paid off, the girls had nice things but you make more, you spend more, so more bills. You know what happened, the girls grew up. Six years of their lives I missed. I can’t go back and retrieve those years, they are lost forever. I tried to convince myself that quality time was better than quantity time. Not always true. I praise God that the girls grew up to be responsible, Christian women and mothers.

We can overdo anything in life, even in our spiritual lives. Sometimes we can spread ourselves so thin, doing this and that for the church and justifying it for Christ. Truth is, God loves the family and even though God needs to be first and foremost, God wants a balance in our lives and family is not to be neglected.

Think on this: God won’t care what kind of car you drove but how many people you drove who had no transportation and needed a ride to church. God won’t care how large a house you had but how many people you welcomed into your home to fellowship with. God won’t care about how many clothes you had in your closet but He will ask you how many people you clothed. God won’t care how high your salary was but He will want to know if you compromised your character to obtain it and did you help further the Gospel, did you help the needy? God won’t care what your job title is but did you perform your job to the best of your ability and with integrity? God won’t care how many friends you had but He will want to know how many people you were a friend to. God won’t care what neighborhood you lived in but He will care about how you treated your neighbors.

I hope that God will say to me; “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” I hope that my family and friends will be blessed to have known me. How about you, what will be said about your time here on earth?

Matthew 25:31-46

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