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    by Susan

   October 1, 2018

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He Took It All For YOU

We have four awesome grandchildren. It is so amazing how fast they grow and of course as my long term memory kicks into high gear, (cause I sure can’t remember yesterday) we have some wonderful memories. Like Briana’s first bath; ,not a happy one for her. She thought she was being tortured and cried during the bath and after continued to whimper. Bless her little heart. She didn’t particularly like having under her chin cleaned. We had discovered that under her chin was her treasure chest, and she didn’t want to give up wat she had worked so hard to keep.

He tiny little fingernails grew quickly. She probably could have had a French manicure when she was born, goodness!! Well, her mom was tired of getting scratched by Briana’s nails, so she was clipping them. All of a sudden Briana broke out into a wail and mom realized she had clipped a bit of her skin as well. Briana was crying, her mom was crying. Joyell was mortified that she had hurt her daughter. She said; “I don’t know how anyone can hurt a child.” “How could God stand to see His Son tortured?” Mike said; “Maybe that is why God turned His head, He couldn’t bear to look at His Son’s pain.”

Truth is, that was Jesus’ mission when He came to earth. He was the final sacrifice for once and for all; for you and for me. Jesus knew what was to happen and He loved you and I so much He took our place. He was beaten and bruised, humiliated and crucified for you. He died and was buried but no tomb could hold Him.

He arose to give us eternal life. The tombstone was rolled away not so He could get out but so we could get in to see what He had promised would happen had actually been fulfilled. He even took the time to fold the napkin that was covering His head to say, “It is finished!” (In Jewish times when a job was finished a napkin or handkerchief was folded and left by the job to show the foreman when he came by that the job had been finished.)

Today that tomb is still empty because Jesus actually did arisee on the third day. He is now sitting at the right hand of our Father God and makes intercession for you and me.

We never have to struggle alone. We can boldly come before the throne because of what Jesus did for us. There is no mountain or crisis, no sickness, no pain you will have to endure alone.

Jesus was the Father’s promise of hope for mankind. When Jesus died and was buried creation was shocked and His disciples were devastated, but God raised Jesus to New Life. What seemed like the end was actually the beginning. So when you feel like Friday is here and all is hopeless and lost and nothing will ever be right again, remember Sunday is on it’s way and there is hope and life everlasting. You can be assured of the victory you can have in Jesus Christ because He is alive!!!!!

John 20:6,7 Hebrews 4:15,16 Hebrews 7:25 Mathew 28:1-8 Matthew 27:45-66


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