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    by Susan

   August 27, 2018

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More Precious Than Sparrows or Lilies

God is so amazing! As I was driving to work one morning, there against the backdrop of the dark sky was a huge, full moon, big, round, so beautiful, it looked like you could reach out and touch it. I was looking at how magnificent it was and realized how much beauty is around us and we totally miss it.

We have yellow flowers in the front of our house. The plants had gotten a bit on the wild side. Mike decided he would cut it back, prune it up a bit. I didn't notice until a couple of days later when I was backing out of our driveway. Wow! when you take a step back and look around, what beauty! Hiding in all that tangled mess of vines and leaves was a gorgeous plant with an overabundance of yellow blooms.

Usually when there is a jungle of vines and wild plants and weeds, once it is cleaned out and pruned back you stand back in amazement at the treasure you find. There in the midst of chaos and twisted, tangled vines is a gorgeous, brilliant flower trying to thrive. The other plants and weeds are trying to choke it out but it is sturdy and strong and persevering.

That is how we are in life. We are beautiful creatures when we are first born. We get thrust into the growth of thick vines and weeds. We may lay dormant and hidden for years just trying to be strong to survive. All of a sudden the Master Gardner comes along and cuts back all the twisted mess we seem to be in and brings our beauty to light. He will prune us back, snip a little here or a lot there and the magnificence of who God has wanted us to be is brought forward into the light.

Many of us may feel we are hidden, unseen by the world, unseen even by God. Maybe you feel you have nothing to give, you've tried so hard to find your purpose, to survive, to be noticed but all your efforts seem to be in vain.

My friends, God clothes the lilies of the field in such splendor and they don't need to work at it. He knows when the tiny sparrows fall to the ground and we are so much more important to Him. He see you, He knows your needs. He knows all about you. There is nothing that is unseen with God. You are beautiful in His eyes. You are loved.

Matthew 10:29-31 Luke 12:24,27-28,32


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