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    by Susan

   August 20, 2018

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Falling Rocks

We went on a road trip through some beautiful land. It was so odd how different states have their own beauty. We went through Tennessee and Kentucky, up into Ohio. As we were driving through the mountainous area, I saw warning signs that read; “falling rocks.” All I could see around me were trees, no rocks. So I was wondering; “what rocks? I don’t see any rocks.” Then on down the road I’d see the bare mountain where the road had been carved through the mountain with maybe a few rocks on the side. I thought; well that doesn’t look so bad. I saw little waterfalls cascading down the mountains in different areas, what a beautiful sight. How could this area be dangerous? On our way back through these states going home, I was shocked! The same beautiful countryside but where there had been nothing but maybe a stream of water cascading down the mountain we saw huge boulders by the side of the road. Extremely different than the “rocks” I had seen previously. These boulders could have killed a person and definitely done some extreme damage to a car.

I thought about sin that creeps into our lives. We know and see the warring signs but a little dabble here or there is harmless, right? How could something that feels good be so harmful?

Adam and Eve were warned about the tree of good and evil and not to eat from it. God gave them warnings and they obeyed for a while. Then doubt, curiosity, the whispers of Satan that the fruit would benefit them, not harm them caused Eve to eat the fruit. I believe Adam saw that Eve didn’t die and the fruit did look and smell great, he thought; ”why not?” That action has affected everyone who has ever lived since.

The Ten Commandments are just that, commandments not suggestions. Our lives would be so much easier and with more peace and joy if we just watched out for the warnings then obeyed. We need to watch for the warning signs and be aware of our surroundings, steer clear of the “falling rocks” so we don’t end up crushed from the huge boulders that could come crashing down, whether we see evidence of them or not.

God’s Word is full of ways to live a prosperous, peaceful, joy-filled life; all we need to do is obey the warning signs.

His Word says He wants to prosper us and give us a hope and a future. Jeremiah 27:11

My friends, heed the warning signs, remember whatever we do, whenever we do it does not only affect ourselves but those we love around us. God is a God of second, third, fourth, (etc) chances. He will pick you up and set you on the right path if you let Him, but God is also a God who will not be mocked, He knows your heart and your true desires. Trust Him for all your needs; let Him fulfill His good purposes in your life. Let Him lead you away from the boulders that can crush your life.

1 Chronicles 22:13 Psalm 25:4-7 Genesis 2:16-25 Genesis 3:1-6

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