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    by Susan

   August 13, 2018

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No Storm Lasts Forever

The Sea of Galilee is almost 686 feet below sea level and surrounded by hills and mountains. It is 13 miles long and 8 miles across at the widest point. Mount Hermon is north east of the Sea of Galilee and its height is 9230 feet above sea level and most of the year the mountain is snowcapped. The warm turbulent winds around the Sea of Galilee mix with the cold air off Mt. Hermon and can produce terrifying storms. I can remember being there and the sea was calm and as smooth as glass. The very next morning the sea was extremely rough when we got into the boat to "go to the other side". We were given a tiny taste of what the disciples went through the night of their storm.

I read the story again in Mark 4:35 and previously Jesus had been so busy, healing the sick and teaching, constant go, go, go. I believe that the disciples realized how tired Jesus was and told Him to relax, not to worry about anything, they had it covered, they would get Jesus to the other side and suggested Jesus go lie down and take a nap. John, Andrew, Peter and James knew the area, they were fishermen and knew what could happen on the Sea, they had been through a lot of storms, they knew what to do if one arose, all would be fine.

At first the trip was fine but suddenly a violent storm came upon the Sea of Galilee. They were being tossed around, having to bail water, wind howling, drenched, frightened and afraid they were going to drown if they didn't get help soon. Frantically they woke up Jesus, accusing Him of not caring about the crisis they were in. Do you feel like that in your storm?

Storms come up in our lives in a split second, a blink of an eye, most times very unexpected. We may feel tossed around, bruised, about to drown as the waves beat in our lives in the darkness of the night. If we are going to survive the storms, the crisis in our lives, we need to learn what the disciples learned from Jesus in the midst of the violent winds, huge swells, (they could be 8-10 feet high) and raging waves.

Was Jesus teaching the disciples a lesson in faith? Was He trying to teach them that without God they could do nothing? They knew what could happen on the Sea and felt confident they could handle anything that would arise. They could do it on their own, they didn't need Jesus' help, or so they thought.

The disciples didn't think Jesus cared about their situation and I think we go through the same thing when we don't think God comes to our rescue quick enough. We need to remember no matter what the situation looks like around us to still call on God to help us, never give up, never despair, never leave God out no matter how confident we feel that we can handle things on our own. Jesus has promised to get us to the other side, not always in our timing and maybe not in a way we expect but His timing is perfect.

Remember, no storm lasts forever. Jesus will calm our storm. Sometimes He will stand and say "ENOUGH! BE QUIET! PEACE, BE STILL" and stop the storm immediately but sometimes He will hold us tightly, close to Him and ride the storm out with us. No storm is fun but never despair............No storm lasts forever.

Psalm 107-23-30 Mark 4-41 Isaiah 43:2


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