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    by Susan

   July 9, 2018

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Stand Strong

My friend was confronted with peer pressure. Now, we hear a lot about peer pressure among kids in school, smoking, sex, drugs, but at the age of 40 you would think you’d be strong, you can make your own decisions, peer pressure should be a thing of the past. Well, she was coerced into signing a petition she was definitely against. The petition was thrust in her face and there were a lot of people watching her, there was a great flurry of commotion around her concerning the petition. The people watching her were the ones she works with daily and eats lunch with. She felt she had no choice but to sign otherwise there could have been a confrontation and possibly shunning from some in the group.

As we know all actions have a reaction. Her boss was given the petition and he was quite surprised, shocked and puzzled to see her name on it because she had already voiced her opinion strongly against what the petition was about. When he confronted her with it she quickly passed it off.

My friend’s conscience bothered her all weekend. Could she really be trusted? She was someone in authority and her word was her bond. What must this action look like to her co-workers, her friends? It truly bothered her that she wasn’t stronger, that she had allowed what other people may think of her push her to do something she didn’t want to do. She ended up writing a letter to the boss and apologizing and asking to take her name off of the petition and reiterating again that she was truly against what the petition wanted to accomplish.

Sometimes things that we stand for are not always the most popular. We may get laughed at, we may be ostracized. What if we actually bow our head at lunch and ask God to bless our food while others may be watching? What if we actually tell someone that we have a personal relationship with Jesus, and people then look at us like we have six heads? What if we actually took a stand and said we didn’t want to work on Sundays, if at all possible, because we want to be in church? What if someone asked us if we believed in God and we knew if we said yes, we would die? What if we asked someone to not take the Lord’s name in vain or curse in front of us? What if we walked away from someone telling crude, rude and nasty jokes? What if we didn’t do something popular just because “everyone is doing it”? What if we decided to stand up for what we believed in, no matter who liked it?

You know the Word says; we can’t be lukewarm, a fence straddler, you are either for God or you are against Him. You can’t serve two masters. The Word also says if you confess Christ to others then He will confess you to His Father.

What do your actions say about you? If you were accused of being a follower of Jesus Christ, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Are you strong enough to take a stand? Stand strong for what you know to be right. Stand strong for your relationship in Christ Jesus. The verdict is…..”Guilty”, guilty for loving and serving Jesus Christ!

Revelation 3:16 Matthew 6:24 Luke 9:25,26


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