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    by Susan

   June 25, 2018

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He's Got This!

My daughter needed to have a brain MRI. The problem was that she is claustrophobic. She was fearful and extremely unsure of whether she could do it. She researched how long it would take, would she be closed up in the machine, what did sedation mean, and what kind of contrast and any reactions? She had a million and one questions. I found out they put a cage type apparatus over her head and face, so I told her to put on a football helmet and lay down on the bed with her eyes closed just to see what it would feel like. We talked a lot about how to psych herself up for the exam but the most important thing was that she prayed about it. She prayed for peace and comfort, we prayed together, her husband prayed with her, her husband was able to be in the room with her and hold her hand and she knew she was covered in prayer. She was so excited that she was able to do it, no issues at all, she didnít have to have sedation either. She was so thankful and knew that her ability and peace came from God.

Now three days later, she needed to have another MRI, but this time it was going to be an open MRI, not closed like the first so this would be a piece of cake, she made it through the hardest one. Well, she couldnít, she started to panic and they couldnít do the exam.

Now, what was the difference? She had been petrified of the closed MRI because it was closed and really didnít know if she would be able to handle it without sedation. She didnít want sedation because she didnít like not feeling in control of her body. So she had prayed about it and asked God to give her peace and protect her. The open MRI was totally different and should have been a piece of cake, but there was no prayer, she didnít feel the need to ask God to be with her or take control, she had it all under control all by herself. She didnít think she needed His help, she told me she had gotten cocky, prideful and that was the reason it had failed.

We all do that at times. In the hard things we go through, we call on God to be with us, to help us through, to take control of the situations and He comes through for us. When it is something we think we can handle, we forget what He just brought us through and think we have complete control fo our lives, we just donít need His help on something so easy. We think we can do it all by ourselves. Well, maybe we can and maybe we canít, why take that chance. Ask God to be in charge of your life and walk with you in all situations, big and small. Cover your life in prayer. You will be amazed at the marvelous things you and He can accomplish together. Anything is a piece of cake when God goes before you, stands beside you and has your back.

Philippians 4:13 Matthew 19:26 Matthew 17:20 Mark 11:24 Jeremiah 32:17


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